Thoughts about artists and their wellbeing

Thoughts about artists and their wellbeing

One of the main reasons Yana Tech was created was to offer artists and musicians an opportunity to take control of their wellness. Recently, we have witnessed a large population of the people that we looked up to, or who inspired us with their creativity deal with a health concern that prevents them from continuing to offer that creativity. And we have lost a large amount of our heroes and creative inspirations from what I offer as an opinion to preventable health concerns. While all of us will face health challenges and concerns at some point, its the small amount of things we do everyday that add up that make things lean toward wellness or health concerns.

Without a doubt, I would state that with the intervention of nutrition, fitness, supplements and the right mindset some of our inspirations would continue to inspire us currently. When you look at the way the lifestyle of artists, musicians and creatives live day to day, it does not lean to the path of wellness. When I chat with some amazing people that create and notice their daily habits, it sometimes makes me wonder how much more creative they could be if they substituted their post show 12 pack of beer and half a pizza for food that actually tastes amazing and helps them recover from the demand that is placed on them every night.

When it comes to allowing your body to work for you, the creativity will be more available. When you have relaxation in your movements, it will translate to your craft and instrument. You will sound better at your drumset. You will play scales better on the fretboard. You will be able to run through classical piano movements with the ease of Keith Emerson.

It all starts with a mindset. If you know that you can make lasting changes that will be noticed by your audience, that will develop into a lifestyle change that is positive. Once you make the decision to become healthier, you will notice more clarity little by little. If you recognize that with a little discipline, you will become better at your instrument due to the physical changes that have happened with the better choices you have made, it will be easier to say no to that late night drive thru combo meal. Because at that point, you will know that food like that offers you little ROI. And with inflation, most fast food options are hardly less than if you ate a cleaner, safer option with more nutrition to support your brain, body and mood. Last I have heard, Taco Bell does not have any refund guarantees for their menu. Or as one of my teachers stated back in the day--" You cannot feel like a million dollars eating off the dollar menu."  How accurate that has been for years now.

If you can think of it as making deposits into a true health account, it will pay you back over time. Better than any other HSA you may have been offered by an employer. If you can look at it like this--at each moment you are choosing what you consume-be it a meal, recreational products and alcoholic beverages, information and who you surround yourself with, it all adds up to a sum of wellness non-wellness related activities. To quote Robert Fripp--"In discipline, there is joy."

Something to consider when you go on tour and are sleeping in the back of a van or bus. The saying food for thought should be taken literally as without proper nutrients to give your mind and body, being creative will be a challenge.

Yana Tech has made the effort to help people who create stay healthy so they can inspire as long as they want to.


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