Who we are

Nicholas Magrone Jr is the founder and owner of Yana Tech. With over 20 years experience in the Natural Products and Wellness industry, Nick has witnessed trends come and go. While working in many different capacities in the industry, he has noticed what goes on behind the scenes in this amazing industry. One thing is certain, the foundations always stay the same when it comes to wellness and healing. Holding a degree in Public Health earned him the education and working knowledge of the healthcare system. Earning a Graduate Certification in Lifestyle Coaching with a focus on nutrition has given Nick an advantage in learning the principles of epigenetics, longevity, mobility and micro/macro nutrition.

In addition to his education listed above, Nick also holds a certification with The American Council on Exercise as a Certified Personal Trainer. Of course like everything else in the universe, nothing can replace real world experience. Closer to the 10,000 hour mark than he would admit, this experience has given the know-how, professionalism and understanding in the wellness environment. Nick encourages people to be their own advocate when it comes to learning about wellness and health. Another important piece of advice that was taught to him during his experiences in the industry is for people to use their intuition to what aligns best with their values. 

Our Mission

Yana Tech was created to educate, restore and empower people through health. With our selected products, people can choose to take back their wellness. The philosophy that we utilize is to make changes that are sustainable. Nature is so intelligent that it has given us the resources we need to address any concern. Where there is a problem, there is a solution!