Winter Blues???

Winter Blues???

Well we are supposed to have a short winter this year. This is based on the scientific practice of watching a groundhog named Phil in western PA. Phil decided that we have had enough of winter. This is good news for most of us who are fed up with winter and the potential seasonal affective disorder that comes with short days and cold temps. But why do we get so caught up in the familiar pattern of feeling a certain way at a certain time of year? I mean in spring, most people complain of allergies and less sleep due to daylight savings. Summer brings heat exhaustion and family travel plans and sunburns.

Point being is that we can always find a reason to give blame to the time of year for our reasons we do not stay proactive in terms of our wellness. Winter does challenge our immune functions to a degree but if we look at how we as people have evolved, our bodies are quite resilient in protecting us. Provided we give it the information it needs. 

When most people think of Vitamin D3, they think of sun exposure and how it relates to synthesizing D3. However, if you look at populations that get low levels of UV light and sun, they still have D3 levels that are relatively adequate.

Check out this paper---

Kind of interesting to say the least.

I would not go so far as to say that now we can get all of our nutrition requirements from our diet alone but I think if our bodies were given the vibrant, nutrient dense foods our ancestors had, things might be different.

I think that biology is a very intelligent thing. And many of us take it for granted by not doing our best to choose optimal health instead of just getting by.

Instead of following the narrative that is set by some corporation or governing body, each person should follow what is optimal for their own unique biology and needs.

Hopefully we can all agree that an RDA certainly does not equal optimal outcomes for everyone. I mean a 250lb linebacker certainly has different nutritional demands than a 120lb seamstress. So ask yourself when you read guidelines, pyramids, new groundbreaking research what the truth is. Because that is all that really is worth reading. Here is the RDA for vitamin C.


A whopping 90mg. That is hardly enough to make an impact on wellness in terms of being optimal. It might help someone who does not take ANY supplements at all combat certain pathogens. But the way the message is delivered to us all is that at some point, someone decided that we all only need 90mg. Not sure about you but I would not rely on something so ambiguous. Here is another paper on the importance of vitamin C is terms of wellness.



Quite impressive if you ask me!!!

I could cite plenty of papers, articles, people and companies for the importance of all of the micro and macro nutients we require but its really not as complicated as its made out to be by supposed experts. Yana Tech was created to help people who want to empower themselves and their loved ones to have optimal wellness. We created our products to offer protection from seasonal health concerns and to support the demands our lifestyles require. We always welcome comments and questions!!!

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